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Teem provides users, a way to harness the power of technology and the surrounding community to respond to any emergency.

  • Swarms

    Whenever you have an emergency, pressing a button will bring you the assistance of TEEM users, authorities and any internet enabled device available to swarm around you. (50m radius).

  • Security Networks

    A security network allows you to “swarm” and establish specific protocols for your family, your friends or whatever other community of your election. A “swarm” can be triggered directly from your phone or by pressing independent buttons connected to your mobile.

  • Interacts with other devices.

    As part of the TEEM response system, you can interact with external resources such as alarms, beacons, cameras (others will be implemented over time).

  • Integration of case documentation

    All activity in a swarm is available, only to the user that triggered it, for future reference or to provide it to the authorities.

It's much more than just a

With teem you take control in an emergency, by engaging with the community and the network.

Alert other teem users

So, together, you can document or assist to relieve an emergency situation.

Direct communications channel.

During an emergency, those participating in the “swarm” communicate and coordinate their actions through a direct and real-time channel contacting also authorities and medical emergency services.

Personal Security Networks

Personal Safety Networks allow users to establish safety protocols aimed at responding to emergencies that you or your family may be faced with. With these tools can coordinate, monitor and alert Authorities or emergency services capable of assisting

Neighborhood Security Networks

Neighborhood Security Networks, provide methods for sharing resources and coordination security protocols with your neighbors.

Predictive Analysis

All the data that is gathered is processed to do statistical predictive analysis, and alert users to be more aware when entering "hot spots".

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